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Ok ok ok, I know! I’ve been lolli-gagging!  Bennet’s big open heart surgery is May 5th and I haven’t sent out an update! But in my defense, put yourself in my shoes! If your feisty, incredibly funny, beautiful baby 3 year old boy was going to be having open heart surgery in just 4 short weeks […]

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A year ago, almost exactly, we were being faced with a major surgery. And the reality of this had me in a really emotional place. I was feeling all the feels. I was struggling through so many thoughts and worries. And the honest truth is, I was kinda losing it. All the way up until […]

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Amazing Bennet, Today you are 3. You are 3 and I am beside myself with thankfulness. This would without a doubt come as a surprise to the woman that delivered you 3 years ago. It is remarkable how much a mind can change in three short years. 3 years ago my heart was torn from my chest […]

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Bennet’s first months were so incredibly painful. I know you heart moms and other mothers with empty arms understand. But realistically there are not a huge amount of people who can completely understand right? For the majority, that specific kind of pain is not something that can be fully grasped because they have not been given […]


Back when I was blogging over at Ma Nouvelle Mode (go check it out!) I started a series of posts called Fine Hair Friendly. After Bennet was born I bid the fashion/beauty blogging world goodbye for a little while as I focused on my family. But I’ll be honest, it’s kinda fun when I see […]


Gauchos are back in, and I for one am thrilled. This was one of my favorite trends of the mid 2000s. Not quite shorts, not quite pants…somehow dressy, yet easily worn to the beach. As far as I’m concerned they can hang around as long as they want. Outfit Deets: Gauchos- homemade (NOT by me. […]

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I’m sure you have you come across some version of a “10 Things Not to Say” post. I have read my fair share. And I have even reposted a couple. Because let’s face it, we all have something we have been through or something we have witnessed that makes these posts resonate with us. I […]


Last June our family did our first ever Congenital Heart Walk (which is such a fun fundraiser and we are doing another one this June if you want to join our team or donate). But that’s not the point of this post. The point is, the entire walk I noticed a team that was so fun. […]

Happy Birthday

Oh Britton Rose… she is now one year old and I’m not even sure how that happened. I know parents say that a lot… but seriously, I don’t know how it happened. I don’t remember stressing over sleepless nights with her…. or when she even started sleeping through the night. I don’t remember diligently and […]


So let me just start off by saying thank you! Leading up to Bennet’s cath we were feeling so scared and emotional. But once the day arrived, there was a total peace that washed over us. We thank you for all the well wishes and prayers we received throughout the day. Philippians 4:7 And the […]

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